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Money Minute: The Value Proposition of Using a Financial Advisor

Money Minute: The Value Proposition of Using a Financial Advisor

Do you realize most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do their financial future?

That’s where having a trusted financial advisor can help.  Whether it’s planning for a child’s education, your retirement, or making sure your estate is in order, the right financial advisor can put you on the correct path to success.

A financial advisor will also assist you in controlling your emotions.  Whether everything is going along great or not going as planned, a financial advisor can guide you away from making poor financial decisions at the worst possible times.

Part of being a good investor means you do not need to do all the work yourself. A financial professional can help you set a strategy, select specific investments, monitor their performance, and make adjustments as circumstances arise.

Are you investing more conservatively than is appropriate for your goals and circumstances?  Often people are unsure on their investing skills, which may make them invest very conservatively.

Do you have time to monitor your plan? Will you be “unemotional” when it comes to global and economic events? Wouldn’t you rather have someone who is meeting with you regularly to review your plan and recommend changes as you go along?  

Being unaware of how inflation can affect investment returns or not fully understanding how to balance various types of risks, can leave you vulnerable to a shortfall in your retirement savings. All investment involves some risk, but the biggest risk may be not taking the steps to secure your financial future.

 Using a financial advisor will help you:

  • Ensure you are making the most of your money by benchmarking the performance of your investments and your portfolio
  • Make sure your asset allocation adjustments are adjusted to changes in your life circumstances
  • Determine if you can benefit from tax and estate planning
  • Equip you with a game plan to keep yourself from panicking during volatile markets

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Article Topic Specialist: Nathan Cowen

Nathan is a Wealth Manager with SVA Wealth Management, LLC.

With more than 22 years of experience in the financial services industry, Nathan provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management to both individuals and businesses. In his role as a wealth manager, Nathan assists his clients in clearly defining their short and long-term goals and then personalizes a plan of action to achieve those goals.

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