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How Women Are Different from Men, Financially Speaking

We all know men and women are different in some fundamental ways. But is this true when it comes to financial planning? In a word, yes. In the financial world, women often find themselves in very

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Women: Living in the Sandwich Generation

At a time when your career is reaching a peak and you are looking ahead to your own retirement, you may find yourself in the position of having to help your children with college expenses or the

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Have Questions About Investing With Impact?

Where do today’s investors go when searching for competitive investment returns through traditional financial analysis, but enhanced with consideration of their values? The answer is Socially

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What is “Socially Responsible Investing”?

“Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)” works to obtain both financial and social returns with a single investment.  Traditional investments seek a financial return only. The first SRI type funds

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3 Strategies for Tax-Smart Giving

Giving away assets during your life will help reduce the size of your taxable estate, which is beneficial if you have a large estate that could be subject to estate taxes. For 2016, the lifetime

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